Bamboo Charcoal Batter

Thaw . Cook . Serve

How convenient it is to have ready-made waffle and pancake batter without the hassle to prepare it from scratch! Imagine getting fresh and delicious waffles and pancakes in the comfort of your home in minutes! Just thaw, cook and serve in any way you desire!

Bamboo Charcoal is said to have potential health benefits and detoxification abilities. The black charcoal powder also absorbs moisture, resulting in a crispier waffle.

What's in it
  • wheat flour
  • milk
  • butter
  • raw sugar
  • eggs
  • 100% bamboo charcoal powder

Volume: 26oz (769ml) per pint

*Disclaimer: The Waffle and Pancake batter is not meant to be consumed raw. The batter can be cooked in a waffle maker or as pancakes on a frying pan

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