Belgian Waffles Pack

"Golden Belgian Snack"

Crispy, buttery Blegian waffles available in Butter Vanilla, Orange & Thymes, or Chocolate-Melt. Enjoy them by simply re-heating the Belgian Waffles via toaster, oven or even air-fryer! Pair them with fruits, maple syrup or indulge with bacon and cheese or any ways you desired. A delicious Golden Belgian snack in no time!

What's in it

Frozen Belgian Waffles Pack:

- 6 pieces/pack

- about 35g/piece


Easy Heating Instructions:

Keep frozen until ready to eat. Do not refreeze once waffles have been thawed. Toast or heat before eating.

1. Oven

Heat frozen waffles at 180°C for approximately 12mins.


2. Toaster

Heat frozen waffles at 150°C for approximately 12mins. Place an aluminium sheet on top of waffles to prevent charring.


3. Air Fryer

Heat frozen waffles at 160°C for approximately 10mins. May required to repeat in order to heat completely.


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